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A BRAND EXPERIENCE Certification Course brought to you by ADIZAHYR University. Avonti Adizahyr Enterprises, LLC created this course to provide knowledge and tools for companies, businesses as well as current and future entrepreneurs to learn the fundamentals of Visualizing, Becoming, and Creating a leading brand experience for their customers. This course is designed to be taught at your own pace over a four week period.  For certification purposes, the course must only be taught by staff of Avonti Adizahyr Enterprises, LLC.


This course consists of four parts:

  • Part 1: BrandNotes: Breaking down the Anatomy of a Brand

  • Part 2. BrandNotes: Brand Development & Management.

  • Part 3: BrandBoard: Breaking down the components of a Branding Board and Designing Brand Identity & Touchpoints

  • Part 4: BrandPlan: VISUALIZE, BECOME & CREATE a Brand Experience.



At the end of the course, creators will be able to:

  • Develop your brand’s values, personality, purpose, and positioning statement

  • Analyze market trends to identify significant challenges and opportunities for your brand

  • Build a brand strategy to activate the brand in a competitive marketplace

  • Optimize a brand’s position in the brandscape through positioning mapping

  • Create a brand plan based on a thorough analysis that positions the brand to deliver on marketing objectives

  • Maximize brand activation through superior consumer engagement

  • Assess the progress the brand is making based on data and performance indicators

A Brand Experience Certification Course

    • (4) Hardcopy Books: BrandNotes, BrandBoard, BrandPlan and BrandWork
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL! If you purchase this course and decide later that it isn't for you, be a blessing to someone else by gifting them this certification.

    If you choose to gift this certificate, we will need written notice with the person's first and last name along with their email address sent to

    Thank You!

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